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dorit weintal c.v.

Weintal is a multidisciplinary artist, choreographer, dancer, the artistic director of Faido Company / DOFAI foundation, based in Amsterdam. She travels internationally as a director, maker and teacher.

Weintal who has been writing for years, has published her first poem-book ‘The Path of Paradox’ (2020) and her dialogical book ‘In Betweenness’ co-written with philosopher Renate Schepen (2021).

2023 - 2024

The creation and performances of The Liminal Passage, as part of the umbrella multimedia project The Liminal Project. Produced by Stichting Dofai. Supported by AFK, Stadsdeel Oost Amsterdam. 


The creation and performance of The Grove of Synergy, produced by Weintal&Psallidakos, Public Benefit Company of Aegina-KEDA, the Historical and Folklore museum of Aegina, Greece. Supported by the European Union.


The creation of Zomer,  the first phase of the future dance opera In - Betweenness.


The Path of Paradox 3-channel synchronized video installation

Writing and publishing the book In- Betweenness - dialogues between art and philosophy


Creation of the multidisciplinary art project The Path of Trust as part of AFK trust trajectroy.


The project includes a documentary film, an art film, a book-poem, a book art meets philosophy, and performances. In this project she is collaborating with newcomers, refugees, and neighbors, together with her artistic team.

Curating the art exhibition by undocumented migrants


Starting the development trajectory Trust - a multidisciplinary project implemented in  Amsterdam.

Writing the poem Pasolini’s Desert.

The poetry is the base of a future dance film, and a duet production titled Goempty, a collaboration between The Netherlands and Israel: She visited filming locations in Israel together  with the dancer Ellah Nagli (Dutch National ballet, Gottenburg ballet, Israeli Ballet), videographer and animation artist Kobi Vogman,  camerawoman Dani Willliamson, and  composer Haggai Eisenberg. During her period in Israel she danced in ‘Oooh Music And Image Improvisation Festival, Bazimer Tel Aviv, Barbur Gallery Jerusalem.


Writing and presenting the poem The Path of Paradox - The Contemporary Emergence of the Human Mouse,  Village d’ecrit festival, Fontenoy Le Chateau, France 2018. (Bilingual: French and English).


2015 – 2018

In 2015 Dorit started investigating her umbrella dance project Pretext as a multimedia research conducted in PAF, St.Erme (Fr), in collaboration with composer and photographer Simone Giacomini (It/ Nl). The research led to the creation of the multimedia Solo Pretext, supported by Pleintheater , Amsterdam (2016 May), in collaboration with the French multimedia company La Boite. It is designed as a Live Cinema performance, investigating identity through a new visual syntax. The project is developed through different residencies in Europe, namely, Amsterdam Pleintheater  (Nl), Le Hublot multimedia centre Nice (Fr), Officine Caos Festival / Stalker Teatro Torino (It), Biella international performing arts festival (It).

In Glasslaven Arts Center (No) Weintal presented the dance film, Pretext Journey, documenting the journey of the protagonist. The film was created in collaboration with La Boite company (Fr) and was chosen to participate in the inauguration of Glasslaven Arts Center with the presence of her Majesty, the queen of Norway, Sonja van Noorwegen. (2016).


Under Pretext umbrella Dorit has developed different multimedia productions and dance films:


Donna Nel Presente – a multimedia duet 2017-2018

Presented as a Live Cinema art form, the project deals with memory and its agents, through the fragility of existance: Two dancers, 45 years old and 25 years old, with similar features, film each other and the spectators, challening defintion of space, reality and the role of the viewer. The work is presented in theatres and museums.  Its first stage is supported by OT 301 Amsterdam, Erasmus Poland (2017) during Erasmus Internship, with the participation of the dancer Anna Mikula (Pl)and composer Simone Giacomini. Produced by and performed at Officine Caos/ Torino (2018).


Washing Machina, Corridor - two 60 seconds dance films screened at NY mobile video festival 2018.

Composition: Simone Giacomini.

In 2017 Dorit started studying screenwriting with the Hollywood screenwriter Nick Bain.


Consequences of Displacement –  project in development

A two-channel HD synchronised video dance installation


A cinematic, dance film, inspired on the radical consequences of warfare, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrom suffered by refugees and displaced persons. The film presents an ambiguous visual and auditory metaphor that sheds light on notions of vulnerability, and resilience through a stance of peripherality. Corporeality within metaphorical landscape and sound composition are the stones on which an architecture of trauma is built; The politics of location opens up different critical interpretations to the viewer. The footage is shot in PAF (Fr.) A collaboration with composer and photographer, Simone Giacomini.


In The Inhabitant, a diptych project composed of a dance film, and a Solo performance, loneliness is treated as a game. Cinema, storytelling, and dance are creating one chain of events; In a private house, in-between corridors, in a theatre, and one second before going to bed. The work is a collaboration with the dancer Manel Salas, and co-supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam, Muiderpoort Theater Amsterdam (2014), and is partly shot in Barcelona by Eneko Alcaraz Franganillo.

Oh well, we will all benefit out of It, is a Quartet produced by Dansmakers Amsterdam, and presented in Dansmakers research theater (2014). It is the second step in composing dance-theatre as in a writing process, where instead of words, events, and event – structures are established and then rearranged. An ingrained discontent rules the happening. Here, the interactions between the events is tightened, and almost amalgamated. Inspired by linguistics and computer science, the work continues her investigation into syntax and event-structures, previously explored in the group piece Masters Of The Village, produced by K-Arts University, Seoul (2013 Kr), performed in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2014 She co-initiated the collective Area 59, facilitating a performing Arts platform in Amsterdam, where regular trainings, presentation evenings and Intellectual Radio/Salon takes place.

Marginalization within society is investigated throughout her artistic path:


The Living Network is a Quartet produced by Dansmakers Amsterdam, and premierd at CaDance festival, Den Haag (Nl 2011). Inspired by Lars Von Trier film - Dogville, the interactive - multimedia performance is presented as a seemingly parable occurring in a fictional settlement where the role of the spectator is opened up. Drawn inspiration from neuroscience, Weintal collaborated with the Dutch neuropsychologist, Dr. Wijnen, exploring the dancers' responses to physical and mental assignments that were immanently connected to the creation of their personages. Wijnen and Weintal are in the process of making a manuscript of the project with the intention to present it to the leader of the Brain and Emotion Laboratory at Maastricht University, Prof. Beatrice de Gelder.


Since 2009 she has been exploring in her work the human condition through storytelling and cinematography.

Poetry With No Words is an interactive research, that leads to the production The Living Network. The work is produced by and performed at Dansmakers Amsterdam (2009); The research focuses on architectonical mapping, as a mental and psychological metaphor. It's a labyrinth of the push and pull of the psyche where the conscious and subconscious meet and collide.


Between 2011 and 2013 Dorit has been working in South Korea.

In Busan she premiered the trio Bitneinu as the first part of her diptych produced by Busan International Dance festival, with Gottenburg Ballet dancer Ellah Nagli, and dancer Bongho Kim, and premiered her duet Rasheinu, as the second part, with Ellah Nagli, at  Busan International festival (2011).

In Seoul she premiered the dance-music production Beten - Food For Thought with the opera singer Minou Kim, produced by K-arts university (2011). She premiered the duet Angels, produced by Seoul Mullae Festival (2012), touring the piece in SDP event Seoul, and Donghaksa festival, Daejeo. Same year she created two performances for K-arts university:

Mr. J Junior, and A Rabbit Monologue, performed in K-Arts Theatre, Seoul.

In 2013 she premiered the production Masters of the village for K-arts, Seoul, and created the Solo Merci Jerome - an homage to Jérôme Bel’s Look at Me and Theater Hora – produced by and performed at the Seoul International Pocket Dance Festival.

Between 2011 – 2013 she has been a guest choreographer in The Korean National University of Arts – School of Dance, creating pieces and coaching Bachelor and Master dance students. During that period she was a guest jury at International contemporary dance competition, Seoul.

Since 2003 Dorit has been focusing on peripherality and the consequences of marginalization, concentrating on the Middle East, collaborating with Palestinian performers.


In the duet Een Vrouw Islam and Jewish culures, The Middle East and the Netherlands, compose one woman. Coproduced by Dansmakers Amsterdam, Muiderpoort Theater Amsterdam. Supported by Amsterdam Fonds Voor De Kunsten, Bijstandsbond. Performed in Dans in De Wereld Festival Amsterdam, Muiderpoort theater, Meneer De Wit Amsterdam, Oud-west Amsterdam festival (2010). Performance: Mouna Laroussi, Dorit Weintal.

Stella is a dance film based on the Solo production Sounds From Here, created in collaboration with the Palestinian performer, Rasha Jahshan. First Screening in Cinema Dance, Amsterdam. (2009). Coproduced by Dancing on The Edge Festival (Nl), Masrahid Festival Acco, Acco Theatre Centre (2008).

The production Sounds From Here is about “the constant re-evaluation one has to do in order to survive” (Shika review on behalf of Artsmart, Durban). The Solo toured the Netherlands as part of Dancing On The Edge Festival (2009): Frascati Theater Amsterdam, Regentes theater / Korzo Theater Den- Haag, Grand Theatre Groningen, Rasa Theater Utrecht, De Unie Theater Rotterdam. World tour: Musho Festival Durban (Za) (2008). Co produced and premiered in Masrahid Arabic Monodrama Festival Acco / Acco Theatre Centre (2008). Supported by: Israeli Embassy South Africa, Tararam - The South African Israeli cultural fund.

Episode Latte, Solo, produced by and performed at Muiderpoort Theater Amsterdam 2007. Toured: Fabrica Tanze International festival Milan, Italy (2007), Musho Festival Durban S.Africa, District 6 Theater, Cape Town south Africa (2008). Supported by The Netherlands Embassy in South Africa, Musho Festival, District 6 Theatre S.Africa. 

Episode Milkshake, duet, with the dancer Vincent Verburg and myself, produced by and performed at Muiderpoort Theater, Amsterdam (2008).

Shrimps, duet, co created with Simon Rowe. Produced by and performed at Melkweg Theater Amsterdam (2007). Supported by Stichting Ateliers Oostelijke Eilanden, the Dutch Embassy, Musho Festival, South-Africa.  Performed at Catalina Theatres in Durban, South Africa.Teaching Faido company dance theater workshops in Cape Town townships, jikeleza, District 6 Theater, and in Durban (2007-2009).


Pulcinella’s dream, duet, as part of Babel Tower produced by and performed at Acco Theater Center, Acco Festival Israel (2004), Halle Germany (2005), Jerusalem visual theater Israel (2005).


Dorit participates regularly in dance – music improvisation festival in Amsterdam, amongst others, in Bim Huis, Pleintheater , OT301 magpie company, and around the world.




Dorit holds Masters degree in the theory of Arts and Architecture  (“from Structuralism to Deconstruction in architecture” - Tel Aviv University 2001).

Dorit started her physical and dance career when she was 5 years old, joining the Wingate Institute as a gymnast athlete and later joining Maccabi Tel Aviv professional team where she began to study also ballet technique. From extreme physicality she decided to dedicate herself to dance, joining the ballet and modern dance school Bat- Dor in Tel Aviv. She is trained in contemporary dance; yoga; Internal martial arts; improvisation/composition;  Butoh; Clowning; as well as mime and circus experience.

Since young age she has been engaged in creative writing:  skits, sketches and short stories that will pave the way to her future visual work. During her 20s’ she was studying painting and sculpting techniques (Sculpture with  Dani Reisner’s atelier; Tel Aviv museum and Beit Haamanim Tel Aviv), and between 1993 – 1996 she was part of “Dialogue Portraits” /Studio collaboration project in a shared atelier in Tel Aviv.

In 2000 She was teaching in Ascola/ school of design Tel aviv- conducting the practical seminar Creative Thinking. Here, directed multidisciplinary pieces – filming, writing and performing. In Hamihlala Leminhal/ College of Management Academic Studies – Rishon Lezion and in Natania – teaching Theory of Architecture. In Leeds College/ Hulon branch – teaching the seminars Psychology of Arts, Sociology of Arts, and Arts and Education.

She is trained in contemporary dance; ballet (Bat Dor ballet school, Suzan Dallal dance centre, Tel Aviv); yoga teacher of Sivananda, and Vinyasa ( ; Internal martial arts, and specifically Shaolin Wu Gulun style; improvisation/composition; Butoh; Clowning; as well as acrobatics, mime and circus experience.

Voice work: she studied singing (classical with Tatiana Mirski - conductor and voice development teacher) and was part of Mirski's ensemble "Canzona" in Mebasheret Zion, and overtone singing with Marc Van Tongeren and was part of his laboratory choir at the conservatory in The Hague.

Since 2000, she has presented her work in Europe, South Korea, South Africa, South East Asia and Israel.


In Europe and Israel she has collaborated and performed with various directors and companies including Simon Mcburney, Clipa Theatre, Kenzo Kusuda, Simon Rowe (Le Ballet C. de la B./Alain Platel), Elshout& Handeler, Yael Orni (Maguy Marin), Acco Theatre centre, Ron Bunzl, Gabriella Maiorino.

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