For:  professional dancers, performers and people who are eager to challenge themselves in movement and performative skills.


FAIDO workshops and trainings Introduce specific techniques from the company’s working methods from contemporary dance, acrobatics, dynamic floor work, Non Stop technique* with kinaesthetic awareness, to partnering work, human puppetry, Objectization of the body and company’s repertoire..


Faido trainings:

Set up material from the company’s productions introduces speed, agility, focus and precision in order to achieve visceral expressive choreographies. The movement vocabulary explores the primary laws of physics: cohesion and expansion, from the floor to and out off-balance verticality. The trainings examine the dancers’ relationship to the floor, earth and sky, developing a sense of orientation and disorientation as means of expression, focusing on the skeletal structure, joint articulation, ease of muscular tension and the use of gravity and momentum to facilitate movement, while enhancing alertness, with the aim of stimulating extremities and broadening the dancers’ movement vocabulary.


Faido trainings developed into Faido workshop:

The choreographic combinations are then explored further via the introduction of physical and emotional state - dynamics, created through the engagement of trance techniques that broaden the dancer’s cognition and physical capacity; 

Formal techniques, such as Release, ballet, Forsythe-Lines-Point improvisation, acrobatics, dynamic floor work, martial arts, Non Stop, are deconstructed and merged to create a new expression.

Methods of improvisation, set up material, and playful games are at the base of the workshop.

We use these means to develop choreographic work for a presentation, where the participants can manifest their experience to their full potential. Special focus is put on performative skills, whereby we sharpen awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment towards the performance and while performing. We use costumes during the workshop-performance.


Physical Material leading to personage

We utilize different movement methodologies, blending abstraction with naturalism, the fantastic with the grotesque.

Methods of improvisation, automatic writing and group dynamics are introduced to build the performance’s reality.


The work is explored in solo, partner work and group work.


The workshop is an introduction to the company’s methods of work for the development of a new dance production.

The comapny has been teaching in various dance centres around the world namely HJS, AHK Amsterdam, Dock 11 Berlin, K-Arts Seoul, Acco theaer centre Acco, Busan Intenational dance festival...









photography: Noud Verhave

Photography: K-arts university