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Ron Bunzl








Has more than 30 years experience as a highly successful creator of cutting edge poetic cross-disciplinary theater and dance.

He initiated and directed Cloud Chamber Interdisciplinary DanceTheater (1985-2001) and in 2003 began The Voices Of The City Foundation that has produced the on-going CIRC/US project. 


He is a master storyteller and has made an art of encouraging others to find their own voices and explore their stories. 

The Storytelling Body Workshop combines movement, writing and telling to enhance personal presence, expression, communication and collaboration skills. Learn to tell your story and touch others. Discover yourself, your creativity and purpose through the stories you tell.    


He has been engagedn in photography, video shooting , collaborating with different directors, namely Dorit Weintal / Faido Dance Theatre for the productions : The living Network, The Inhabitant, Poetry with no words, Shrimps, Sounds from Here, Een Vrouw, Episode Latte.

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