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the living network



In The living network Dorit continues to explore the human condition through story telling, developing further the themes proposed earlier in the research Poetry;

the stage is set up as a plan view drawn on the floor with a pre-recorded voiceover as a narrator;

The living Network presents a seemingly performed parable occurring in a fictional settlement where two main personages, Manyuk the orphan and Gaia a-woman-living-alone, together with the two Smart dogs - the village  wardens, represent members of a village while the rest of the members are the spectators. Here, notions of isolation, discrimination, solidarity and friendship are at the base of the story.


Inspiration for the creation of the living network was drawn from sociology but also from neuropsychology; During the creation process Dorit collaborated with a neuropsychologist in the aim of exploring the dancers' responses to physical and mental assignments that were inherently connected to the building of their personages.

Performance: Angelina Deck, Antonios Vais., Guest artists: Stephanie Lühn, María de Dueñas López.

Dramaturgy: Barbara Duijfjes

Neuropsychology: Dr. V. Wijnen

Composition and sound: Steven Vanwetswinkel, in collaboration with Faido-Dam Company
Stage design: Noud Verhave and Dorit Weintal

Narrator: Simon Rowe         

Video artists: Simon Rowe, Ron Bunzl in collaboratoin with Dorit Weintal

Light design and technique: Roland van ulden 
Costume design: Mariëtte Buiting
Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam, Co production: Korzo Theater, Faido Dam Company

Premiere: CaDance Festival, Den Haag, The Netherlands











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