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"Sounds from here is a dance theatre portrait that presents the awareness of one woman amidst the changes that are inevitable; Changes in environment, in body, and in thought. The Solo explores the constant re-evaluation one has to do in order to survive, and the push and pull of the psyche that affects all areas of life; A psyche, that had been affected and afflicted with an existence that is plagued with the fact that a truly personal experience can never completely be shared. With expressive dance, multilayered soundscape and video footage, the piece represents a metaphor for the struggle and conflicts in life and the essence of womanhood. English-Arabic spoken."

Shika on behalf of Artsmart, Durban, S.Africa


Concept and directing:  Dorit Weintal

Created in collaboration with Rasha Jahshan

Performance: Rasha Jahshan

Film: Dorit Weintal, first screened at Cinema Dance  Amsterdam


Co production: Acco Theater Center, Masrahid Arabic Monodrama festival

Supported by: Israeli Embassy South Africa, Tararam - The South African Israeli cultural fund, Dancing on the Edge Festival The Netherlands, Frascati theater Amsterdam, Regentes theater/ Korzo Den- Haag, Grand Theatre Groningen, Rasa theater Utrecht, De Unie theater Rotterdam , Musho Festival  Durban South Africa, Masrahid Festival Acco.


Tour between 2008 - 2009










photography: noud verhave

sounds form here

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