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Episode latte Reviews


Ailsa Windsor, Artsmart Musho Festival  

"...Dorit combines narration with dance which results in a powerfully moving piece....The flowing movements, facial expressions and props - be they blood red rose petals, convey more than words ever could."


Charlotte Fairfax, Musho Festival  

"A visually intriguing, physically compelling, solo piece from Faido Dam Company in Holland - the diminutive pixie-like Dorit Weintal returns to the festival for the second year with an intriguing piece of physical theatre....

We are in an indeterminate post-apocalyptic “Children of Men” type time and space where life is punctuated by babies and “sections...

...Weintal is astonishing and intriguing – an unconventional beauty who morphs from pre-adolescent innocence to tired, world-weary wisdom. Her physicality, grace and movement is infinitely watchable.   


...She treats us to some profound, beautiful, grotesque and unsettling images in a monochromatic world punctuated by wet-nurses, giant umbilical cord-like images and multiple births – allusions to babies, miscarriages and abortions – blood red petals breaking the stark white-and-blackness of her reality.


She takes us on a journey of interesting visual shapes and complex emotional responses.

Special mention needs to be made of the effective and dramatic lighting..."


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