the  in hab itant







The Inhabitant is a multidisciplinary work where cinema, story telling, and dance are creating one chain of events through which a personage is born. The creation process takes place in a private house, in between corridors, in a theatre, and one second before going to bed, set up in different countries and moments of this personage.

This research will be developed into a diptych, with the first part designed as a dance movie and the second part as a performance.

The performance will be presented in various locations, where each location is another facet of an evolving chain: in a theatere space, a museum, a gallery or outdoors.



Concept, choreography and directing: Dorit Weintal

Artistic interpretation and performance: Manel Salas

Music: Simone Giacomini             

Camera: Ron Bunzl
Co production:  Dansmakers Amsterdam, Muiderpoort theater





photography: simone giacomini