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Poetry witn no words




A main theme in Weintal’s work has been exploring the human condition through story telling.


The research Poetry with no words presents an architectonical mapping as a mental and psychological metaphor; It's a labyrinth of the push and pull of the psyche where the conscious and subconscious meet and collide.


Set up as a plan view drawn on the floor with a pre-recorded voiceover as a narrator, the performance alludes to Lars Von Trier 2003 film Dogville; As such, Poetry presents a seemingly spoken parable occurring in a fictional settlement.

But during the performance the narrative fades away and so the spectator would need to imagine all the missing information in a kind of mental extrusion of physicality.


Poetry is an interactive performance where few members of the audience are spectators but at the same time they are also members of that village.



Concept and directing: Dorit Weintal

Choreography created in collaboration with Chris Guerematchi

Performance: Dorit Weintal, Chris Guerematchi

Music: Fadio dance company and Alessio Castellaci

Voice artist: Simon Rowe

Production: Dans Makers Amsterdam, 2009


The project develops into its full production in The living network 2011.























photography: noud verhave

 Photography: Noud Verhave

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