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FAIDO is a dance theater performance based on structured improvisation, Influenced by "Welcome Centres" (Detention camps) phenomenon around the world;


"Eight characters dressed in pajamas, coats and suitcases are the 'Later people',

They represent an everlasting flight while being stuck. They are confronted by the omnipotent power of the Establishment, represented here by sound, light and audience that impel the rules which govern the happening on stage.


Concept and directing: Dorit Weintal

Compostion: Ben Buchenbacher, live music: Arthur Koort, Miki Sugiura

Light design: Jeroen De Koning


Performance: Pete J, Simon Rowe, Kenzo Kusuda, Gabi Uetz, Sasha Antipin,

Miki Sugiura, Arthur Koort, Dorit Weitnal.

Co-production: Muiderpoort Theater, Pick Up Club, Faido-Dam Company,

Amsterdam 2005

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