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Faido Company is an Amsterdam based,  interdisciplinary  company with the artistic director Dorit Weintal.

We create art, integrating theatre and other physical performance techniques with an interest pulled from literature, cinema, philosophy, and science.  Our credo is a commitment to creative exploration of dance and dialogue between different artistic disciplines and cultural traditions.

The work aims to recreate awareness, drawing on different creation methodologies, blending abstraction with naturalism, the fantastic with the grotesque. Notions of perception, cognition and emotional/mental imagery are intrinsic in our working methodologies. As such, is the collaboration with the neuro-psychologist Dr.V. Wijnen for the living network production (2011).    

Our work is concerned with cultural frameworks, addressing urgent themes in contemporary society, embodying our responses to local culture and the impact of changing times on the daily lives of people.

We work in different communities through our international cultural exchange projects, teaching and presenting performances, video art, experimental films, in theatres, public spaces and on locations, in Europe, South Korea, South East Asia, the Middle East, Israel, South Africa.


Since 2003 we have been focusing on the Peripheral, and the consequences of marginalization, concentrating on the Middle East, collaborating with Palestinian performers. The results have been presented in Acco Theater Center, Acco Festival Israel (2004), Halle Germany (2005), Musho Festival Durban South Africa (2007-2009), Masrahid Arabic Solo festival (2008), Dancing on the Edge Festival The Netherlands (2009), Jerusalem visual theater (2005), Amsterdam Melkweg theater (2007), District 6 Theater Cape Town south Africa (2008). The theme was further explored in South Africa, performing and teaching workshops in Cape Town townships, jikeleza, district 6 theater, and in Durban (2007-2009).


Between 2011 – 2013 the company has presented work in South Korea. (see Weintal CV).

Since 2014 a main focus of the company is the exploration of filming technologies and cinematic vocabulary with relation to the moving body.

Such is the video art / dance film research The Inhabitant, supported by Dansmakers


In 2015 the company started exploring the protagonist of the new coming creation - Pretext through a footage taken in PAF,   St. Erme with the collaboration of Simone Giacomini (IT/NL).


This research has paved the way to starting the new creation of a multimedia dance production PRETEXT “This Solo is a pretex for a performance about observation, (perception), perspective and the big question: What's going on? “ taking place in different countries in Europe between 2016 – 2017. The work was finalized in 2018 with PRETEXT artistic team - a collboration between The Netherlands, France, Italy.

In Norway Faido presented a film, documenting the journey of a personage. The project was chosen to participate in the inauguration of Glasslaven Arts Center with the presence of her majesty, the queen of Norway.


In 2017 the creation process focuses on the impact of the camera on the body and its resonance on audience's perception, creating two 60 seconds video dance inspired by Pretext project - washing machine and corridor for international 60 seconds video competitions.


In 2018 creation and performing Donna nel presente.


Between 2019 - 2021 the multidisciplinary project The path of trust | The Path of Paradox as part of AFK Trust trajectory (2019 - 2020).

2022 - the creation of Zomer,  the first phase of the future dance opera In Between Summers.

Future project:


The multimedia dance opera In Between Summers (2023)



teesab teewon3.jpg

Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst; Dansmakers Amsterdam, Cadance festival, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Israeli Embassy, Dancing on the edge festival, Maswahid Festival,

Acco theater center, Mullae festival, Musho festival, Oostblok theater, Busan International dance festival, Fabrica Tanze...

Simone Giacomini (sound composition, photography)

Roman Zotter (cinematographer, editor)

Maria Mavridou (dancer, and dance adviser)

Renate Schepen (Philospher) ))

Katia Vonna Beltran (video  artist)

Jérôme Blanchi (veejing/ video multimeida artist)

Dr.Viona Wijnen (neuro psychologist)

Ron Bunzl  (camera, photography)

Simon Rowe (voice artist, video, advice, performer)

Noud verhave (decor, technique, photography)

Steven Van Wetswinkel (sound composition)

Nissim Men (photography)

Alessio Castellaci (sound composition)

Russell Moore (sound composition)

Barbara Duijfjes (dramaturgy - living network)

Mariëtte Buiting (costumes - living network)

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