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Donna nel presente -  live cinema duet
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“ The birth and development of thought are subject to laws of their own and demand forms of expression which are quite different from the patterns of logical speculation”  (Andrei Tarkovsky in ‘Sculpting in Time’)

This piece is designed as a live-cinema dance, exploring the boundaries between the performative and the cinematographic through storytelling,

and asks how do we perceive age, love and their intrinsic vulnerabilities.


'Donna Nel Presente' presents a woman from the past, 45 years old, and a woman from the future, 25 years old, that together establish that universal woman from the present who is craving for love.

With a mobile device, the dancers film each other and the audience, live. Future and past are intertwined to produce a vibrant present.

Under this umbrella project were produced also the 60 seconds films 'Corridor' and 'Washing machine', and the

notebook dance film diptych ('Her and me',  'I see you and thus, get me out of here')

dancers Anna Mikula, dorit weintal.

composer and musician: Simone Giacomini.


The work is commissioned by Officine Caos 2018 Torino, Italy.

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