Donna nel presente -  multimedia duet

This performance is designed as a multimedia duet through which an organic live-cinema is being born.


“ The birth and development of thought are subject to laws of their own and demand forms of expression which are quite different from the patterns of logical speculation” writes Tarkovsky in ‘Sculpting in Time’.


Donna Nel Presente presents a woman from the past, 45 years old, and a woman from the future, 25 years old, that together establish that universal woman from the present who is craving for love. Future and past are intertwined to produce a vibrant present.

The piece asks how do we perceive age, love and their intrinsic vulnerabilities, while searching for a new visual syntax that expresses a cognitive process of a thought :

The performers will be filming each other and the audience, and the footage will be directly screened, providing the spectator a different angle to observe the reality evolving on stage, while developing a new sensorial kinesthetic definition of space.


The work is commissioned by Officine Caos 2018 Torino, Italy.