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masters of the village




Masters of the village is created with reference to poetic writing, and specifically to playing with syntax; Syntax in literature refers to the actual way in which words and sentences are placed together in the writing. As in literature, the rearrangement of words in a sentence is freer to achieve a greater understanding of how people think.


‘Masters of the village’ is the first attempt to compose dance as in a writing process, where instead of words, events and event- structures are being established and then rearranged.

While the events in themselves nurture an ingrained sense of discontent, the relationships between the events may convey a complete thought.


Here, syntax of events personified by 12 members of a common village, unfolds inner system of responses between each and every member. Each member has his/her own raison d'être, but they all share an ingrained discontent.


Created for K-ARTS university, Master Program in Dance - Performance.
Dance: kim seungwoo, kang hyuk, kim lea hyuk, lee suntae, kim su inn, lim set byeol, gayeon yoon, liu yong sean, kim boram, kim keonjoong, kim min woo, yi boram.

Seoul, South Korea, 2013,


Music composition for clip: Simone Giacomini




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