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episode  latte

The Solo is inspired by Jose Saramago’s “Blindness” (1999) Here, an epidemic of blindness brings out the beast in the people, describing a hell on earth. Those afflicted with this blindness, see only the colour white. In this performance the notion of ‘no light but white’ is taken to represent the loss of nourishment by an infantile society ‘seeing milk only’, all that is left is a scorched community where efficiency and utilitarianism reign as the prevailing values.


Dance: Dorit Weintal . In the original version: presented as a trio with Sarah Kate Gardiner, Thomas Vet

Music: Faido Dam Company


Tour between 2007 -2008: Muiderpoort theater Amsterdam, Fabriaca Tanze International Festival Milan , Musho festival Durban South Afriaca 2008. 

Supported by The Royal Netherlands Embassy South Africa


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