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Live cinema dance  -  the mobile  camera

The concept of Live Cinema is still a fairly new and developing genre within media art that brings together experimental approaches to narrative and non-narrative film making, with live music and the performing arts.

Corporeality, dance, and choreography, are the core base materials with which this new approach to Live Cinema Dance is being unfolded, performed in theatre locations, in museums, and outdoors.


The meeting between an abstract language, such as dance and music, with a story telling form of art, such as cinema, invites a new challenge in the creation of a new form of art:

Imagine you watch a movie, but the movie is being created in front of your eyes through the utilization of filming technologies, audial – visual cinematographic approach, and the utilization of the moving body as a landscape, and as a carrier of history and memory. Here, the viewer is becoming organically, not only a spectator, but a living participant in the movie.


This freedom allows the artist to present work as a fully live and interactive performance, creating immersive, three dimensional works that are very different to a traditional cinema experience, whilst proposing a cutting edge approach to theatre and dance.




Choreographer Dorit Weintal created the films Washing Machine, Corridor and the live cinema production Donna Nel Presente, utilizing only a mobile camera. The immediacy of this camera allows to produce with a certain flexibility, and it is a useful equipment for challenging terrain like steep landscapes as well as corporeal landscapes.



For: dancers, professional performers, and whoever has a cinematograhic ambition, and is interested in exploring this form of art.

Faido will introduce you to the choreography of the camera: Where does the camera take over from the dancer and how do you create a dynamic film?

We will explore the synergy between the work of a choreographer, dancer and a cinema director:

How to research a theme and bring it to a story through the movement of the camera, through the body,  and eventually through the simultaneous interaction between the different forms.

The laboratory will be created in groups, whereby each group will develop its idiosyncratic film/piece.

We will be utilizing mobile cameras, wifi equipment and physical assignments, to create instant Live Cinema films/pieces. The chosen ones will be screened at the end of the workshop.

Lengh: Two to five days laboratory, of five hours each.


The participant will work with his/her own material. Every participant brings their own camera, smatrphone, iPad and editing software.

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