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her and me | donna nel presente

The dance video 'Her and me' | Donna nel Presente, is created as a notebook dance film, the collected moments of 'Her and me', as agents of memory and aspiration.

'Her and me', in this world, are both syntactically the object of the action, the receiver; And the only tangible remnant is the vehemence left from our footprints.

This notebook dance film is the first part from a diptych (with its second part "I see you and thus, get me out of here") that inspired the live cinema duet Donna Nel Presente

directing, cinematography, choreography: Dorit Weintal

filming: Simone Giacomini, Dorit Weintal, Anna Mikula

dance: Anna Mikula, Dorit Weintal

composer: Simone Giacomini

production: Faido company

supported by Erasmus Poland


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