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 The arboreal projects
 The grove of synergy - Aegina
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 because The trees know - PAMPLONA

The prospect of exploring the poetic and symbolic power of trees in Spain, particularly in Pamplona


The Arboreal Projects is an umbrella project at the intersection of audio-visual installation and live performance initiated by the multidisciplinary duo Weintal & Psallidakos.

A commited journey that delves deep into the profound connection between humanity and the natural world. Our motivation stems from the instructive book "The Secret Life of Trees - How They Live and Why They Matter" by Colin Tudge, driving us to explore this intricate interconnectedness. Together, we challenge ourselves to foster ecological awareness and regeneration of human sensitivity, encompassing video, sound, imagery, and poetry. At our project's core is the exploration of the 'body' in relation to time and history. The human body carries its unique history, just as a tree's body encapsulates its own narrative and profound form of "knowledge." We focus on observing movement to unravel the intricate dance of time.

Our artistic journey in this realm begins with The Grove of Synergy (2023), a project that unfolds in Aegina, Greece at the Ancient Olive Grove. Over the course of three weeks, we closely collaborate with scientists and scholars to delve into the intricate connections between trees and humanity, investigating the "synergetic effect" between the tree's body and that of humans. During this time, we use sound, movement, and image to create an art exhibition. This collaborative effort extends to include local experts in ecology, botany, and music, enriching our exploration.

The Grove of Synergy is supported by the European Union and Culture Moves Europe. It's important to note that this work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. However, the views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union and Goethe-Institut.

In Because The Trees Know (2024) - a residency project proposed to 'LABEA: Arbola Residency Programme' in the Pamplona area - we aim to delve into frequencies that resonate not only as sonic experiences but also with the human body and the essence of trees, perceiving the organisation of trees in nature as a silent choreography. The landscape becomes our scenography and our journey explores the resilience and architectural synergy of trees.

Trees, silent witnesses of time and seasons, inspire us with their enduring resilience in the prospect of exploring the poetic and symbolic power of trees, in Spain, and particularly in the region of Pamplona.

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