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the liminal project

The duo Weintal - Lucifora perform at the intersection of sound, image, movement and poetry, embracing the transient to explore the concept of in-between space through a layered narrative.

Can a liminal stream of consciousness open new horizons of perception?

In The Liminal Project, we explore the gap, the place in between.
To explore this performative dimension of embodied experience and feelings of the self, the duo uses live music, contemporary dance, video and poetry to create a multidisciplinary language.

The Liminal Project is an overarching multimedia dance-music performances and installations.


duo dorit.jpg

'The Liminal Passage' is an interactive performance at the intersection of movement, sound, multimedia-sound and spoken word by the duo Weintal & Lucifora

The performance explores transformation during the 'rite of passage’.
A dancer and a musician together with the audience form a layered microcosm.
The performance was developed as part of the summer ‘Artist in residency’ program at Plein Theater 2023.

Directing, choreography, performance: Dorit Weintal
Composition, live music, performance: Salvoandrea Lucifora


Open rehearsals:
Plein Theater 

22, 23, 25, 26 July

August 1, 3


Plein Theater 

4th, 5th August.

18th, 19th November

Strand Ijburg - Vrijland 

6th August, 4th September


4th October 20:00

Kerk De Bron

27th October 19:00, 21:00

OBA Javaplein

28th, 29th October 15:00

Co-produced by: Stichting Dofai, Weintal &Lucifora, Faido Company, Plein Theater, Splendor, Kerk De Bron, OBA Javaplein, Strand Ijburg en Vrijland.

Supported by:
AFK, Stadsdeel Oost Amsterdam.

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