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How do we walk amidst the labyrinth of life? 

Inspired by my poem The Path of Paradox - The Contemporary Emergence of the Human Mouse,  the Solo explores  the relationship between body-voice-meaning utilizing only a loop machine to create the score.


The Solo is performed both in a theatre context and on location.

'Trust - take number 1' is the first presentation of a series of presentations that are developed through a year trajectory project, titled TRUST. 

Each ' take' is reflected upon and shared with via TRUST TRAJECTORY TEAM


Concept, directing : Dorit Weintal

Dramaturgy: Simone Giacomini

Performance, voice sound, and text: Dorit Weintal

Live composition: Simone Giacomini

Supposed by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunsten,

Plein Theater Amsterdam 17/10/19, 22/10/20



photographer : simone giacominii