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the path of paradox - The poem book

A Mice Catcher and some mice are caught in a maze. They travel within dark tunnels. They scurry in fright, in solidarity, in competition, and in hope.

The poem was born from the contemplation of the world migration phenomenon and our implication in its complexities:

How do we connect with each other? What is our responsibility towards ourselves and ‘the other’? What are we?

The starting point for my poem was the Hebrew word 'Mehila': Mehila is the confluence of different meanings:
Mehila is a tunnel, a burrow; Mehila is also an absolution, a pardon.

The poem is the inspiration for the creation of the film, the 3-screen synchronized video installation and the solo, The Path of Paradox, all with the same title.


The poem is written for live performance, and it is the base of the libretto of a multi-voices dance production.

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