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the path of paradox | 3-screen synchronized video installation

Based on my poem The Path of Paradox - The contemporary emergence of the human-mouse, and inspired by the film The Path of Paradox, the video installation shows the relationships between two bodies, two entities, as individuals, as rivals, and as comrades. They are left alone in a deserted landscape and in the dark tunnels, appearing on each screen, while a black screen separates them. The images between the screens oscillate to create a visual rhythm.

Its rhythm is the poetry itself.

3-channel synchronized video installation. 56 min. Sound. On loop

image size: approx. 3m. X 2m.

Concept, directing, co-editing: Dorit Weintal

Cinematography and editing: Roman Zotter

Performance: Dorit Weintal, Maria Mavridou

Composer: Simone Giacomini

Thanks to: Forteiland Pampus
Produced by: Faido company
Supported by: AFK as part of Trust trajectory


The Path of Paradox1.jpg
The path of paradox 2.jpg
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