The path - meetings with remarkable people

The film is the story of the physical and the mental impressions on the path of trust, during the preparations for the pilot of the project TRUST -

a collaborative art project with artists living in the Netherlands: immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers.

The title of this film echoes George Gurdjieff's book 'Meetings with remarkable men', first published by E.P.Dutton (1969)

The film is with the participation of Tarek Muazen (performer), Sherwyn Lawrence Williams (performer), Mohsen Jafari (performer), Razouk Qussam (performer), Stavros Kyrillos Sharabeen (performer), Omer Sigler (performer), Maria Mavridou (performer, dance advisor), Simone Giacomini (performer, musician, composer), Roman Zotter (cinematographer, editor), Dorit Weintal (director, writer, co-editor, performer)

Produced by Faido Company

Supported by Amsterdam Fonds Voor De Kunst as part of Trust Trajectory