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consequences of displacement

Two-channel HD synchronised video, 16:9, colour, sound, 30 min., in loop

Dorit Weintal (concept, performance, editing), co creation: Simone Giacomini (filming, music, dramaturgy)

A cinematic dance film, inspired by the radical consequences of warfare, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrom suffered by refugees and displaced persons.

In a delapidated empty palace, in between derelict rooms and corridors, a black dressed woman seeks shelter from metaphorical biting winter winds. She seeks contact with her present.

concequences for web 2.jpg
photography: Simone Giacomini

The outside world is never seen, only to be perceived by flashes of emblematic soundscapes suggesting fleeing, hurry and whispers, along with dreamy-like audial landscapes. The composition reaches climax with 60 tracks of media coverage on refugees in different languages that are put together. The new sound is dark, low, providing a sonorous feeling of tremor. One cannot hear the talks but one can feel the enormous impact of the phenomenon.

Consequences of displacement’s set up is based on footages shot in P.A.F St. Erme/ France (2015), and explored further in Pretext Solo (2016/17) .

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