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kunstenaar   portfolio

I am a multidisciplinary artist based in the Netherlands. My work engages with human sustainability, human consciousness and perception, explored through art films, video installations, live cinema performances and poetry. Space, corporeality, narratives and film technologies are treated as symbolic tools to create a critical approach to the human condition, with a long-standing interest in Eastern philosophies and practices. My artistic background includes sculpture, painting, drawing, writing, dance and performing arts.



The Path of Paradox  -   3-channel synchronized video installation. 56 min. Silent. On loop

installation information 

'In Betweenness - dialogues between art and philosophy'   -   book

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The Path of Paradox  -   art film. 25 min. sound

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The Path – Meetings with remarkable people   -  a journey film. 30:37 min. sound

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The Path of Paradox - The Contemporary Emergence of the Human Mouse  -   a book poem

Curating the art exhibition by undocumented migrants  - 2.5 months. Pleintheater. Amsterdam

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Starting the development of Trust - a multidisciplinary project implemented in Amsterdam.

Pasolini’s Desert   -  poem 

Go Empty  -  research for the creation of the animation dance film, a collaboration between The Netherlands and Israel.

The poem Pasolini’s Desert  is the base of a future animation dance film featuring the dancer Ellah Nagli (Dutch National ballet, Gottenburg ballet, Israeli Ballet), and myself. Videographer and animator Kobi Vogman, camerawoman Dani Willliamson, and sound artist, composer and musician Hagai Eisenberg.


The Path of Paradox - The Contemporary Emergence of the Human Mouse  -   Writing and presenting the poem, Village d’ecrit festival, Fontenoy Le Chateau, France 2018. (Bilingual: French and English).

Donna Nel Presente  - Live cinema dance


Her and Me | Donna nel Presente - A notebook dance video (part 1)

I see you and thus, get me out of here - A notebook dance video (part 2)

Corridor  -  60 seconds dance video

Washing machine  -  60 seconds dance video



Pretext -  a multimedia umbrella project

In Pretext I explore the boundaries between live performance, live cinema, and filming technologies. The project is developed as a journey through different countries - The Netherlands, France, Italy, Norway. In each country another layer of the personage is unearthed.

Consequences of Displacement –  A two-channel HD synchronised video dance installation

(project in development)

A cinematic, dance film, inspired on the radical consequences of warfare, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrom suffered by refugees and displaced persons. The film presents an ambiguous visual and auditory metaphor that sheds light on notions of vulnerability, and resilience through a stance of peripherality. Corporeality within metaphorical landscape and sound composition are the stones on which an architecture of trauma is built. The footage is shot in PAF (Fr.) A collaboration with composer and photographer, Simone Giacomini.


'The Inhabitant' is a multidisciplinary work where cinema, story telling, and dance are creating one chain of events through which a personage is born.

For the full list of works please refer to my cv.

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