trust  multidisciplinary  dance  event
photography: Roman Zotter

TRUST is the pilot of a collaborative art project by Dorit Weintal | Faido company. It explores the language of trust created over and with refugees and asylum seekers in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

TRUST stems from the questions: How do we connect with each other? What is our responsibility towards ourselves and the 'other'? TRUST explores the concept of 'In-betweenness': in-between spaces, geographically, physically (bodily), and mentally (not being here, not being there).

Questions that have become omnipresent on a global scale, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences.

TRUST is presented as a multidisciplinary dance- event.

The event is the juxtaposition of different art languages (media), consisting of two films (a documentary with the participants and an experimental dance film), a dance Solo, live concerts, and her new poem-book The Path of Paradox


The work is a corporeal visual poetry.


Together with the participants and her artistic team, it is presented in ICK Amsterdam (19.09.20 part 1, 20.09.20 part 2), the Plein Theater (22.10.20), and in Framer Framed (24.10.20 postponed due to new measures ! )

The poem: 

'The Path of Paradox - The Contemporary Emergence of The Human-Mouse': 

A Mice Catcher and some mice are caught in a maze. They travel within dark tunnels in fear, in solidarity, in competition, and in hope. The starting point for Dorit’s poem was the Hebrew word Mehila: Mehila is a tunnel, a burrow; Mehila is also an absolution, a pardon.  

The dance Solo

The Path of Paradox.

Inspired by the poem, it is designed as a dance concert. 

The dance film: 

The Path of Paradox. 

The film is about seeing beyond what the eyes can see. The film takes us deep into the contradictory pathways of the human psyche, with immanent Sisyphean feelings of distress and hope; the existential push and pull from confusion to aspiration, from claustrophobic constraint to being lost and abandoned in the vastness of possibilities. The film was shot near Amsterdam in bunkers built during WW2 and on the fortress island Pampus. The historical locations are a reminder of the fragility of life and our need to connect rather than be separated. 

The documentary film with the participants: 

The Path – Meetings with Remarkable People.

It is the story of the physical and the mental impressions on the path of trust, during the preparations for the pilot.

The live concert with the articipants

I Am Trust.  

Comprised of multi -voices, guitars, original poem that includes texts by the participants, the concert was created as an unfolding mantra.

In Pleintheater also the photo exhibition by undocumented migrants as part of TRUST 30. 09 .30 - 15. 12 .20

In Framer Framed also the presentation of the poem THE PATH OF PARADOX as an audio and as a bound book
Sherwyn Lawrence Williams; Stavros Kyrillos Sharabeen; Razouk Qussam; Tarek Muazen; Omer Sigler; Mohsen Jafari. 
Artistic team:
Dorit Weintal: artistic director, choreographer and dancer, writer, co-editor. 
Simone Giacomini: composer and musician; Maria Mavridou: dancer and dance advisor; Roman Zotter: cinematographer and editor; Renate Schepen: philosopher 

With thanks to: Pleintheater, Framer Framed, ICK dans amsterdam, AZC Hoogeveen, Forteiland Pampus, Buurtmuseum Indische Buurt, De Meevaart, Buurthuis Archipel

Supported by: AFK as part of the Trust trajectory.

Produced by: Faido company.