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roman zotter videographer

Roman Zotter is an Austrian-born videographer, photographer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

He holds a master's degree from the University of Vienna in media and communication with a focus on film studies (master's thesis on the camera movement in the movies of Jim Jarmusch) with a minor in English and American studies. Since moving to Amsterdam in 2004, Roman Zotter has worked as a photographer, videographer and video editor for artists of the independent theatre, music and dance/performance scene in the Netherlands as well as abroad, filming and editing countless performance videos and promotional trailers for dance and performance artists such as Dorit Weintal, Maria Mavridou, Katie Duck, Lee Ellickson, Lily Kiara, Manuela Tessi, Miri Lee, Maja Felixbrodt and musicians such as Duke Garwood, Gerri Jäger and Raphael Vanoli (as band Knalpot as well as separately) amongst others.

Since 2015, Roman Zotter is member of the international artists' collective NETZWERK AKS based in Austria. Within this context, he has collaborated with artistic director Andrea K. Schlehwein on several dance films and video installations and created many trailers and performance documentations.

In In 2018 he started a new collaboration with the Amsterdam based choreographer and multidisciplinary artist Dorit Weintal. He worked as a cinematographer and co-editor for her project TRUST, which includes a dance film, a 3-channel video installation and a film documentary about the creation process.

Music Video Clips

Knalpot: Stolpernova (2013)
Duke Garwood: Sometimes (camera + editing) (2015)

2014-2017 living and working partly in Greece and Austria

Collaboration on several projects with Maria Mavridou and other artists
• Redfishleg by Maria Mavridou + Roman Zotter (2016) – photos, video installation
• Domestic Affairs by Maria Mavridou + Roman Zotter (2015+17) – video installation
• Dark Fog Rebel (2017) by Maria Mavridou + Roman Zotter – photos, videos, teasers • Nomises (2016+17) by Nancy Avgeri – live video streaming

Since 2015 member of NETZWERK AKS (Austria) – artistic director Andrea K. Schlehwein

Video registrations, promotional photos and videos, video installations:

• TIME CODE 9733 (2015) – video installation + live filming/editing; split screen film documentation (camera + editing)

• ALICE . facing the future expecting death dust and hope . / film (2015) – camera • ex : cerpt vol. 3 (2016) – film visuals (editing), photos
• HERE AND NOW (2016) – teasers, photos, tec
• I Am Not The One Who You Think I Am – trailer, photos

Since 2018 continuing to work for the independent Amsterdam performance scene.

Links to examples:

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