meetings with remarkable people - video installation

The project is about the intersection of neuro-science (neuroplasticity and mirror neurons), spirituality (mindfulness / Zen Buddhism), social based investigation (3 sectors of society from the area of the residency) and artistic practice in the form of video-dance installation.


Inspired by G.I.Gurdjieff ‘Meetings with Remarkable men’, the project is a journey into the quality of the present and the synergy created between the observer, the participant and the spectator, to explore that stream of consciousness.

The artist (Dorit) with her suitcase (camera and costume) meets on her path ‘remarkable’ people from different sectors of society living in the residency area, namely forced immigrants and refugees, scholoars from neuro-science and anthropology, children and elderly people. The encounters will lead to a multiscreen video installation

Consciousness through social reseach presented as video installation