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Anna  mikula

Is a performing artist from Poland, educated in a field of dance and theatre at PWST National Academy for the Theatre Arts in Cracow, Dance Theatre Department in Bytom (Poland). As a dancer and actress she collaborates with Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre in Bytom, Maciej Kuźmiński and Caro Dance Theatre in Siedlce, Cracow Cameral Opera, Dariusz Nowak and Jakub Margosiak- with whom she cofounded The Living Space Theatre. In 2017 she started a collaboration with choreographerDorit Weintal and Faido Dance Company, working on ‘PRETEXT’ project. A laureate of Ministry of Culutre and National Heritage stipend for the artistic achievements, Erasmus+ scholarship, President of Tarnów artistic scholarship, many dance and choreography competitions. A participant of dance and theatre festivals and venues in Poland (e.g. Open Stage International Dance Theatres Festival in Mościce Arts Centre in Tarnów, Spacer Festival in Cracow Choreoraphic Centre, OFTeN in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Scena Tańca Studio in Warsaw) as well as abroad (CaDance Festival in Korzo Theatre in Hague/NL, Folkwang Schakespeare festival in Essen/D, Szoloduo Nemetszkozi Tanz Festival in Budapest/ HU, Contemporanea Festival in Prato/IT, International Performing Arts Festival HighFest in Yerevan/AM, Tanec Velmez/CZ). Anna is focused on international exchange- she cooperated with artists from the Netherlands (Dorit Weintal and Faido Dance Company), Israel (Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and Arts in Tel-Aviv), Sweden (Roger Lybeck and Jan Astrom), Africa (Duban University of Technology in Durban), Australia (Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne), Czech Republic (Dramacentrum Johan Plzen in Plzen), Austria (guitarist- Luke Mayer) and Italy (Stalker Teatro-officine CAOS in Torino), trying to explore the differences of their artistic language and expression determined by different cultural backgrounds. She is keen on merge of contemporary dance and martial arts, the role of the audience in the performance.

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