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Enclosed within four walls, the Coronavirus pandemic opens the opportunity for us to be in this world differently, open.   

A series of online concert & dance - during Corona Virus lockdown period with immigrants, newcomers, asylum seekers and neighbors from Amsterdam Oost and AZC Hoogeveen.

Concept, directing: Dorit Weintal

From home | What is home? |  film  zoom screening

10/07/20 Pleintheater 20:00

29/07/20 Alle Kleuren Oost festival 20:00

Het Pad Van Vertrouwen multidisciplinary project

19/09/20 - 20/09/20 ICK Amsterdam

22/10/20 Pleintheater

24 Oktober 2020 Framer Framed (postponed)

Het Pad Van Vertrouwen |  film screening and video installation

22.10.20 Pleintheater

Oktober 2020 Framer Framed (postponed)


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